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Cohost AI

Buzzsprout's Cohost AI tool will give you the ability to use AI to build out the details of your episodes. We have built Cohost AI into Buzzsprout to make your upload process easier and more streamlined, allowing you to focus more on your episode content. 

What's included with Cohost AI?

While your episode is processing, Cohost AI will be handling the details. Just like any great cohost, Cohost AI will give you some episode title ideas, draft an episode description, define chapter markers, draft a blog post, prepare three social media posts, and transcribe your episode. Once it is done, you will see all this information in your Cohost AI Summary to review and adjust!

How does Cohost AI work?

Using Cohost AI on your episodes is really simple. Go to Episodes > Cohost AI and enable it on your account. Then you will see it working on new episodes automatically. Just upload your new audio file, and watch as Cohost AI does its thing behind the scenes.
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When the episode is processed, you will see your Cohost AI Summary on your episode details page. That page will break down all the information provided by Cohost AI. You can review that information and decide what you want to use, adjust or remove.
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Adjust Cohost AI-Generated Details

1. Episode Title Ideas: Click Edit on the episode page and you will see that Cohost AI has provided several ideas for naming your episode. You can choose one of the titles provided, adjust an idea that you like, or write a custom name.

2. Episode Description: In the Episode Description field, you will see a draft of your description based on the audio file you uploaded. You can read through the description and adjust as needed.
CleanShot 2023-05-23 at 11.34.57@2x 2.png 3. Transcript: Once the episode details are saved, you will see the Transcript saved on the right side of the page. Just click Edit on the transcription section and you will be taken to the full transcription for that episode. You can adjust speakers and content if necessary.

4. Chapters: Just below the Transcript section you will see your episode's chapters. Just click View/Edit Chapters to review and edit the chapters that Cohost AI selected.
CleanShot 2023-05-23 at 11.34.04@2x 2 2.png 5. Social Posts: Cohost AI will generate three social posts for your episode. These can be used to promote your episode through social media. You can share this content directly from your Cohost AI Summary or copy and paste these posts onto any social media platform you'd like.

6. Blog Post Draft: In your Cohost AI Summary you will see a drafted blog post created to give a synopsis based on the content of your episode. You can copy the post and paste it directly into a third-party blog, or website.

Pro Tip: While you cannot edit the social posts, or blog draft within Buzzsprout, you can edit it as much as you want before you share the content through social channels.

How much is Cohost AI?

Cohost AI is an optional add-on for any paid plan in Buzzsprout. You will pay an additional monthly fee (relative to your Buzzsprout subscription) which will allow you to process all your future episodes through Cohost AI. 
  • For the 3-hour Buzzsprout Subscription, Cohost AI is $10/month.
  • For the 6-hour Buzzsprout Subscription, Cohost AI is $20/month.
  • For the 12-hour Buzzsprout Subscription, Cohost AI is $30/month.
Buzzsprout is partnering with Podium to generate your episode details using AI. 

Did we miss anything?

As you begin working with Cohost AI, we are here to help! Email our support team and we can answer any questions you have,